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60-minute File Your Petition Together

Our 60-minute service can help you: 

  • Answer quick questions about the divorce process. 
  • Fill out and sign your paperwork completely, and each of you will get a word document in case you'd like to make updates later. 
  • File your petition immediately, with a $314 additional fee that goes to the court (we do not keep this fee - you pay us and we pay it to the court while you watch). 
  • Get tips and information to avoid any common mistakes. 
  • Work out a plan for dividing accounts, transferring property, and other paperwork that you can handle yourself (there are also free guides to do this on our website already). 

Lots of people want to finish their divorce themselves, but it's easy to get stuck. This allows you both to finish the paperwork and move on. We do NOT take responsibility for the 90-day waiting period. We will file your petition while you watch. Then you will get all of your signed forms, your case number, and a contact for the facilitator's office. After 90 days the faciltator's office will help you set up your free zoom call to get the rest of your paperwork signed. THERE IS NO PROCESS THAT WILL HAVE THE COURT SIGN YOUR PAPERWORK FASTER THAN 90 DAYS. Every "91-day Divorce" is just you giving the court your paperwork after the 90-day waiting period. 

Lots of people think "How do I know I'm doing this correctly? I want to make sure I get this right..." This is how.

When you're done with your hour, you know you have your forms, and the court would rather talk to you than to a lawyer. Giving the court your forms is just a free zoom call. There are lawyers in town who will take about $1600 to have that zoom call for you. If it's worth it to you, then definitely it will be easy to find that kind of firm. We do NOT handle that because the hourly service usually ends up being more than $1600 and because our firm is always neutral. We never represent either party. We don't want to be in a position where one of you sues the other person and then you're paying big fees to the lawyers. Our firm is based on providing exactly the service we say we can do, in exactly the way we say we can do it. We only file your petition and fill out your forms. The value is that you have taken a tough job off your plate and you know you have forms that match your agreement. 


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