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Divorce Checklist

Posted by Elizabeth Steen | Nov 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

Working with us is pretty straightforward. Here is what you will need to work out for a divorce with children in Seattle or King County: 

Checklist for Uncontested Divorce With Children

Divorce Court Forms
Petition: FL 201, CIF, Vital Statistics for Health Department
Additional Forms: Declaration in Lieu, Certificate of Compliance, Case Information Cover Sheet
Parenting Forms: FL 130 Support Order, Support Worksheet, FL 140 Parenting Plan
Finalization Forms: FL 231 Findings and Conclusions, FL 241 Final Dissolution

Child Support

Budget for each parent      

  • Home mortgage/rent for each parent
  • Insurance
  • Tax considerations
  • 4 categories of child expenses

State Calculation/Formula

  • Use the state formula to find net income and support for each parent
  • 4 categories of child expenses factored
  • Spousal maintenance can be paired or separate
  • Worksheet filed with the court

Children's Special Needs

  • Educational needs
  • Health needs
  • Activities (skiing, lessons, computers)
  • Travel (for family or parents who live in different cities)

Division of Expenses

  • By income ratio, or 50-50

Parenting Plan

Decision making

  • Joint or separate decision categories
  • Rely on an expert
  • Dispute resolution

Time Flow Considerations

  • Activities
  • Children's temperament (is change easy or difficult, do they prefer tigth schedules or flexibility, etc)
  • Creative ways to add parent/child time to the schedule (one parent does school drop off every morning, one parent takes child out for treat halfway through block of other parent's time)
  • Parent's needs in re work, weekends, travel
  • School/daycare calendar management


  • Joint or separate
  • Travel
  • Extended family considerations

Financial Asset Division


  • Will one parent stay?
  • Mortgage required?
  • Refinance BEFORE paperwork filed
  • Scheduling needs for refinance
  • Divide equity, and if necessary use equity to adjust other payments to each parent


  • Student loans are separate debt
  • Revolving credit can be retired with home equity
  • Pay off cars with home equity or transfer payments


  • RSUs or other employment benefits
  • IRA/Roth for each parent – check for QDRO requirements
  • Retirement considerations
  • SSA benefits (10-year marriage, etc)
  • Pensions

Spreadsheet of Assets and Debts

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