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Everything you wanted to know about divorce in Seattle or Washington State

Posted by Elizabeth Steen | Dec 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

Divorce can be a complicated process. The rules aren't as straightforward as you'd think. For example, "custody" in Washington does not mean "the parent who has control of the child." It is a tax designation that allows one parent to file as Head of Household. Most parents alternate custody or award custody to both parents during their divorce, rather than have only one parent be the "custodian." 

Because divorce can be so complicated - with the same word often having several different meanings, such as "custody" or "support" - when you're going through a divorce, most people in your position want as much information as possible. Being able to look up the rules and understand for yourself can help with anxiety and uncertainty. The Washington Family Law Handbook explains all aspects of divorce law in Seattle and Washington State, including child support (although the handbook focuses only on the minimum transfer payment and leaves the divided expenses to be explained by Family Law Form 130). 

The handbook covers all the rules that a judge will use to decide your case. The handbook also includes resources to assistance programs like the Family Law Courthouse Facilitator, which can review your documents and ready them for court for $30. The program is much better than any private document review service, for the court, since it's actually a branch of the court. Other programs include the Guardian Ad Litem program for divorces that are contentious, Northwest Justice programs for low-cost legal help, and Washington Law Help for anyone who wants to handle their divorce as self-help. 

If you're looking for information about the divorce process, the Family Law Handbook can be a helpful resource. Here is a link to the handbook. Feel free to call 206-747-3029 for a free 30-minute consult if you have any questions. 

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Elizabeth Steen is licensed in Washington State as well as Washington D.C. After work, Elizabeth enjoys making her West Seattle renowned flan recipe with her daughter, which she’s willing to share with favorite clients. She also enjoys hiking, yoga and chasing her family’s fantasy football league title every fall.


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