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Flat-Fee Package Never Go to Court

Our Flat-Fee Package: 

  • Never go to court.
  • All documents can be signed online.
  • We handle your Separation Contract, court forms, and send everything to the court for you. 
  • Mediation can be in-person or remote if that's more convenient and comfortable for you. 
  • Settle all issues related to your divorce, sign your paperwork, and move on quickly with a contract that lets you separate your finances, set up child support, and handle any other financial goal that you need for your divorce - all without waiting for the court. 
  • Transparent pricing, no extra fees or hidden costs. 

We can help you work together to find mutually beneficial solutions that help you both move forward in a positive way.

Please note that this process is best if you: 

  • Already have enough information to decide whether you want a 50-50 split, or other percentage for your assets. If you are still working out questions regarding tax benefits, you need to consult a tax attorney, CPA, or other person who can interpret IRS rules for your specific situation. 
  • Already attend counseling or have other expert advice for questions connected to caring for your children. If you are still in the stage where you need to talk through issues on a daily or weekly basis, then pay-as-you-go will be a better fit. 

First we sit down together (or remotely) for a mediation. Then we write your contract and send in your paperwork to the court. You only have to sign. One flat fee covers one mediation, all your court forms, and filing. There is an additional $314 fee that goes to the court for filing your petition. 

Click here to schedule your full flat-fee package with an in-person mediation. 

Click here to schedule your full flat-fee package with a remote option.


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