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Gottman Institute advice on ending relationships — Divorce Without Court

“Get out of bad relationships sooner,” – Dr. John Gottman, marriage speaker, author, and psychological researcher when asked the advice he would give his younger self. Dr. John Gottman was married three times before he became a noted authority on marital stability with his wife, Dr. Julie Gottman.

Dr. John Gottman was divorced twice before he met his current wife, and together, they became famous for his research on successful relationships.

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Some people are better apart, and no one should feel bad about that. The Gottman Institute's research-based approach to relationships can help you get counseling, if that's what's best for you. If you have tried the Gottman approach and it's time to start to live apart, then Divorce Without Court: Westside Collaborative Law PLLC can help you continue the process of separating with mutual respect and appreciation for all you've brought to each other's lives.

A successful relationship is not necessarily one where two people live together forever. A successful relationship during a divorce is one where each person can listen and help each other write the “story of your divorce” in a way that helps both partners, and any children, to grow and feel safe during the family's transition.


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