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Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans

Your time with your children is important. Learn how to customize a parenting plan for your family. we can help you to: 

Establish healthy routines

We can help you create a customized schedule to share time with your family, one that you can adjust to fit changing routines as your children get older, change schools, and start new activities.

Know what to expect

Most parents want predictability and to be able to coordinate efforts between the two households without having to consult the other parent any more frequently than is convenient. We can help you work out a shared decision making process that will help you both know what to expect and optimize your options.

Make your plan as flexible as you need

Your parenting plan sets up your time with your children, your shared decisions, your holiday schedules, and any other considerations you might want to give your family the easiest transition you can. We can help you make a new start without locking yourself into any commitments that you might need to change later.


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