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West Seattle Child-Centered Divorce


Children are usually not part of a divorce in Washington State, even a collaborative divorce. New research shows, however, that children who are given some ownership over the process are better able to handle the emotions that come with a divorce transition. Most children will recover from any pain caused by a divorce - research shows that four years after a divorce most children of divorced parents have the same level of emotional health that children of intact marriages. It's the conflict that causes trauma, not the divorce itself.

At Westside Collaborative Law PLLC we are focused on you and your child throughout the transition. We can help you create a divorce process that will allow your children to feel heard and respected. You can all feel better through the transition. Include your children. Give them a voice. Your relationships will benefit later.

Jenny L Vaydich, PhD is a clinical psychologist whose work bridges clinical and developmental psychology. Her work explores parent-child and parent-adolescent relationships and interactions. Dr. Vaydich's research interests involve understanding the ways in which parents engage in emotion socialization and how child and adolescent emotional development is influenced by the parent-child relationship and parental behaviors. Dr. Vaydich is particularly interested in exploring the ways in which parent-child communication about emotions and problem-solving is associated with adaptive and maladaptive emotional functioning as well as mental and physical health.

This video discusses the long-term impact parenting can have on adolescent emotional health and how these patterns persist into adulthood.


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