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What Paperwork Will I Need For An Uncontested Divorce In Seattle?

Posted by Elizabeth Steen | Jul 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

An Uncontested Divorce requires less paperwork than litigation. In Seattle, for an uncontested divorce you need to complete a specific set of family law forms and file them in the correct order to keep the process moving smoothly. Both partners need to sign each of the forms, which means you both have to agree to all the terms that are written.

First, you file a petition, a confidential information form, and a vital statistics form for the health department. These forms require social security numbers and other personal information for all your family members. 

Second, you work out your child visits with each parent, as well as child support. Then you file a parenting plan, support worksheet, and a support order. You will also need to take a parenting class from the county, which will give you a certificate for your records. The certificate is filed with the court. 

Finally, you can finish your divorce with a list of facts for the court called a "Findings and Conclusions," and a final order. 

If you were in litigation, you would also need to file proof of service, a financial declaration, and follow what's called a "Case Schedule" that sets deadlines for you to update the court on the progress of your litigation. Litigation also requires both partners to mediate before the court will set a trial deadline. Most litigation has several hearings and other events before a case is finished. 

By filing an uncontested divorce, where both partners sign each form and agree to work together, you can avoid quite a bit of paperwork, as well as the fees and costs associated with litigation. Feel free to contact Divorce Without Court for a free consult on an uncontested divorce at 206-747-3029. 

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