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Divorce Without Court Services and Fees

We offer three flat-fee packages. All flat-fee packages include your Separation Contract, one mediation session, your court forms and all filing. All you need to do is sign your paperwork. You don't have to go to court.

 $1,199 - Divorce without children (either because you have no children together or because your children are older than Age 18). This package includes everything you need to divorce amicably, including a Separation Contract to divide your assets and possibly handle Spousal Maintenance, and all court forms and filing. 

 $1,649 - Divorce with children, remote only. This remote package includes your Separation Contract, which establishes Child Support and a fair division of your financial assets, including your house, retirement, stocks, RSU's or other. 

$3,549 - Divorce with children, in person and comprehensive. This package includes Child Support, Spousal Support or Maintenance, and a fair division of your financial assets, including your house, retirement, stocks, RSU's, or other assets. Also includes settlement and division of your Business for anyone who is self-employed. 

If you own your own business and/or have assets that are a little more complicated (joint title, separate property, or other), then we also have a $2,098 package for a divorce without children, but with a more extensive Separation Contract. This also includes everything you need to divorce amicably. 

There are two add-ons that you might need in some rare circumstances (most people will not need these): 

A Qualified Relations Domestic Order ("QDRO") for $350 - This form is usually available at no cost from the plan administrator for your retirement account. We would prepare a QDRO only if you can't already get a form for free through your retirement account. 

A Quit Claim Deed to transfer title of your house or other property for $250 - Please note this is only the form and we do not file your Quit Claim Deed for you. This form is also usually available without having to pay extra through the bank that mortgages your house. We would only write a Quit Claim Deed only if you can't get this paperwork for free through your bank or real estate agent. 

 NOTE: The Court filing fee is currently $314 and this will have to be paid in addition to the flat-fee package requested by our firm. The Court filing fee does not go to our firm. It's required by the court. See more here (scroll down to "civil fees"). Any additional mediation is also extra. Any extra charges in addition to the flat-fee package will be agreed in writing BEFOREHAND. MOst people don't need any extras. We try to keep things easy, so you know what to expect. 


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