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Divorce Without Court Services and Fees

In addition to the above packages, we offer the following services, which can be adapted to your individual situation: 

1. If you both agree and you have already filled out your own divorce forms - Divorce Form Review $449 flat fee for a one-time review, research, and recommendations

2. If you want to work out a fair child support based on income that fluctuates, self-employment, or a combination of child support and spousal support - Child Support Calculation with Additional Expenses $449 flat fee (may be combined with other services or stand alone) 

3. If you want one partner to keep the house, or you want to wait to sell the house to time the market, but you don't know how that would work - Comprehensive Settlement Agreement $1349 flat fee, and you may add court forms, custom child support and spousal support arrangements to cover fluctuations in income or other circumstances for an additional fee, up to a total of $2547 for all combined

 NOTE: Court filing fee is currently $314 and this is in addition to the fees requested by our firm. This fee does not go to our firm. It's required by the court. See more here (scroll down to "civil fees") 


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